Speak Spanish confidently faster

Learning Spanish should be a fun challenge — not a painful chore.

I help you save time, get focused, and have Spanish conversations faster. 

Connor Kane, a Spanish and Portuguese language coach
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Stop struggling to learn Spanish

Most learners waste time with strategies that aren't right for them, and as a result, never feel truly confident using their Spanish.

The whole thing can make you feel like you're just "not good at languages".

Start communicating sooner

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a language — to study for what feels like forever, and still be unable to communicate well.

But through 15+ years of learning and using foreign languages (including Spanish, French, Portuguese and German), I’ve realized a few key things you need to make progress quickly:

  • Focus
  • Consistency
  • Interest

That’s why, when we work together, I help you focus on what matters, be consistent, and learn in a way that’s fun and interesting to you.

The Program

Spanish Jumpstart

A one–on–one, 6–week coaching program designed to get you to your first conversation in Spanish. 

Get focused, learn effectively, and speak confidently faster. 

$199 (limited early-bird rate)

How it works:

Each step below represents one week of the Jumpstart coaching program. 

  • 1. Create a system that works for you

    Get clarity and a plan to follow. Together, we choose the best learning resource for you. 

  • 2. Master your accent

    Pronunciation made simple. Learn how to sound natural, speak with ease, and understand native speakers. 

  • 3. Learn vocab you’ll actually use

    Learn the right words for you — without cramming or rote memorization. 

  • 4. Absorb grammar naturally

    Speak correctly without memorizing charts and rules, and without having to think about grammar. 

  • 5. Speak confidently

    Ease your way into speaking. Conversations without the pressure. 

  • 6. Tie it all together

    Celebrate progress and immerse yourself for long–term success. 

Here’s how you get started:

  • 1
    Schedule a 15-min intro call

    We’ll make sure it's right for you. 

  • 2
    Pay and schedule first session

    Money-back guarantee

  • 3
    Start learning and using Spanish confidently

What You’ll Get

  • Accountability

    It’s like having a personal trainer for your language goals.

  • Motivation

    The right language learning strategy makes consistency easy and fun.

  • Certainty

    Be confident in how you’re spending your time, so you get more out of the minutes you have.

  • Feedback

    Get my feedback on the challenges assigned, plus any aspect of the language that you want to focus on.

“Connor helped me create a motivating vision and a solid learning routine within a few weeks. We tested out a bunch of language learning methods until I found the ones that felt right for me, were fun, and didn't feel like “studying”. Then, he turned those into a custom language learning plan for me to use moving forward, full of proven techniques that will actually work.

After working with Connor, I'm learning more Spanish every single day. And because I enjoy the process, I'm actually sticking to it.

- Ryan

  • Go From

    Feeling stuck, overwhelmed by options, and unsure how to learn effectively

  • To

    Confidently using and understanding your new language

Get answers to questions like...
  • How do I find the right strategies for my learning style?
  • How can I retain vocab and learn grammar in a non-boring way?
  • How do I build a consistent language learning habit?
  • How do I improve my accent?
  • How do I find interesting content at my level?
  • How do I learn without relying on willpower?
  • When should I start speaking? 
  • How do I immerse myself if I’m not in a country where it’s spoken?

Or start with a 30 minute coaching call:

Get help or personalized advice on a specific issue you’re dealing with in your efforts to learn Spanish or Portuguese. 

Who’s behind this website?

Hi! Thanks for visiting. 

I’m Connor Kane, a North Carolina–based language coach and lifelong language learner. I’ve spent years in Latin America and am now focused on helping busy professionals and expats learn Spanish & Portuguese effectively. You can read more about me here, and read some of my guides on effective adult language learning here

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Want to get started on your own?

Most learners struggle and don’t know why. Avoid these mistakes and make progress, stay motivated and have fun.

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5 mistakes langauge learners make

A Personal Trainer for your Language Goals

Don’t waste time and money.

Spending years on language learning strategies that aren't right for you is expensive and time consuming. What's it worth to you to finally use the language in your life?

  • Connect with family and heritage
  • Win business abroad
  • Feel like an insider when you travel

You can become bilingual. I'll help you get there and have fun along the way.

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